Abstract submission

We would like all undergrad and postgrad students to please register for the forthcoming conference.

It may seem daunting, but this is a great learning experience for all.

  1. You may do this in groups of 2-4 or individually.
  2. It does not have to be on your exact study at university. Take just one aspect. You will not be marked on this.
  3. Prepare your abstract and bio first and then copy and paste this:

Watch a helpful Video put together by SASSWA in cooperation with the University of Zululand, that will answer your questions about the conference and writing of abstracts

Format for abstract (200 words)

You can report on your study that you have done or on a literature review that you are undertaking.

First determine what is the aim and objectives of your paper or your study or your paper?

  1. If you are reporting on a study that you completed:
  • what methodology did you use (approach, design, population, sampling).
  • What were 3 outcomes of your study?
  • What recommendations does your study make?
  1. If you were conducting a literature review on your topic only:  
  • What is the focus of your paper? (It can be related to your registered study focus)
  • What is the intention of your paper?
  • What key issues did you pick up in your research (on that topic)
  • What are the challenges facing research into that topic?
  • What recommendations do the research studies on this topic make?
  • What would you suggest are key issues that a conference such as this take up on this topics?

Your Bio (100 words)

  • What is your name and surname
  • Where are you studying and at what level
  • If you have a research focus or a field instruction focus, indicate this.
  • What is your interest in this research topic that you chose.

We are requesting that each of you please register for the conference as well as submit an abstract (see link for abstracts).

The conference is free and each of your topics will fall in one sub-theme or the other.

This is also an ideal opportunity to place your study areas in the public sphere.

  1. If you have completed your studies, choose one aspect of your study for the abstract
  2. If you are still studying, choose one aspect of your literature for the abstract.
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