2021 Theme

Conference 2021 will be held online from the 1st to 3rd September

The profession of social work is known for advocating human rights, social justice and equality. Our work has continued to emphasise building human relationships and fostering ubuntu, whilst empowering the vulnerable, during this new normal. Thus, the key theme of Conference 2021 is Pandemics, poverty and inequality: Social work in the 21st century. This theme is also built on the successful ASASWEI Colloquium of 2020 which brought together local social work academics to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social work education and practice and our work in vulnerable communities during the lockdown.

The main Conference 2021 theme and the sub-themes are designed to provide delegates with opportunities to network and deliberate around issues pertinent to social work education that promotes knowledge and skills on the theme Pandemics, poverty and inequality: Social work in the 21st century.

Conference 2021 draws together South African, African and International social work scholars, educators, researchers, students, policy-makers, managers and practitioners. Delegates and presentations from related disciplines are also invited.

We welcome you to Conference 2021 and invite you to submit an abstract to present a paper. Participate with us in what is sure to be vibrant and challenging conversations.


Conference 2021 theme:

Pandemics, poverty and inequality: Social work in the 21st century


Conference sub-themes and workshops:

There are 12 sub-themes for scientific presentations of 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes discussion) and 3 workshops as indicated below:

  1. Building social work partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations
  2. Climate change as a threat to human health: the role of social work
  3. Decolonisation of social work education
  4. Ethics and values in Social Work
  5. Intimate relationships, marriage, families & transitions
  6. Promoting mental health, well-being and sustainable communities
  7. Promoting Ubuntu: Cultural, economic, gender and racial inequalities
  8. Social development and policy in responding to pandemics, povertyand inequality
  9. Social work and health issues: Substance abuse, HIV & AIDS andCOVID-19
  10. Social work practice during pandemics: Working with children, youth,persons with disabilities, the homeless and the elderly
  11. Social work supervision and field instruction during the lockdown
  12. Teaching under emergency remote learning in the fourth industrialrevolution
Conference workshops:
  1. Workshop 1: South African Students Social Workers Association (Restricted to student attendance only)
  1. Workshop 2: Global standards for social work education and practice: A shared vision (Open to educators and practitioners)
  1. Workshop 3: Concerns on social work graduate unemployment (Open to all)
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